CCTV systems have become hugely popular for both residential and commercial properties since the prices have reduced dramatically over the past decade CCTV systems for your home or office are now more affordable than ever before, Alarm Expert Scotland now offers Installation of CCTV systems, Repairs of CCTV Systems and Maintenance of CCTV Systems.

The typical cost of our most popular 4 x CCTV Camera 1080p High Definition System with 1TB HDD DVR – Supplied & Installed is only £575.00

Our CCTV Systems can be viewed on your home TV, a separate CCTV monitor or what the majority of our clients do is view from your smartphone and view it any place and time.

Another great feature of CCTV Systems that Alarm Expert Scotland installs is the function to have the CCTV system also act as a motion detector, so if anyone comes within a set distance of your CCTV camera, it will record a short a video clip and can alert you so you can view and also deter any suspicious characters away from your property.

Alarm Expert Scotland has been installing CCTV Systems for a number of years and have installed them in properties all over Scotland, please note our CCTV systems that we install require a steady and secure WiFi connection if you wish to view them on your smart phone.

So what are you waiting for contact Alarm Expert Scotland today to get a quote for the Installation, Repair or Maintenance of your CCTV System.