Electrical ReWire in Surrey KT18

Electrical ReWire in Surrey KT18

Do you need an Electrical ReWire at your property in Surrey KT18?

We can offer Electrical ReWire at your home or business with one of our partner approved electrical installation companies based in Surrey KT18.


Our approved partners can offer full house rewires, partial house rewires, or take on a full installation of electrics in a new build residential or commercial property project in Surrey KT18 area.

Smart Homes – WiFi & Bluetooth Connected

Many clients now wish to make their home or property into a Smart Home, using the latest IOT to integrate, Smart Lights, Smart Sockets, Smart Thermostats, and much more…

What’s the typical cost of an Electrical ReWire in Surrey KT18?

Electrical ReWire costs start from £2,500 and can range up to £10,000 depending on the works required and the size of your property.

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What’s included in the costs of an Electrical ReWire in Surrey KT18?

Electrical ReWire costs normally include an upgrade of the main circuit board, full rewiring throughout the property to current British electrical standards, and then the associated light fittings, sockets, etc – The costs will vary depending on the finish of the products you select and the labor involved to complete the works.

How long will it take to complete a full Electrical ReWire in Surrey KT18?

Electrical ReWire times will vary depending on the size of the property and the difficulties of running new cables etc to minimize decor damage, a typical Full Electrical ReWire in residential property would take around 3-5 days, however, larger properties could take up to 7 – 14 days.

Electrical ReWire  Surrey KT18

Will the decor be damaged when completing an Electrical ReWire at my home?

Unfortunately, yes in most instances we shall be required to cut open walls, ceilings and on occasions also flooring to run the new electrical cables into in your home or work in Surrey KT18 however most of our partners also work in conjunction with approved plasters and decoration businesses while we work to minimize decor disruption we have teams that are available to reinstate a lot of the works to a high standard ready to be painted again to suit your requirements.

Can you install an Electric Car Charger at my home in Surrey KT18

Yes, we can offer EV Car Charger Installation at the same time as we rewire your property, giving you the added advantage where possible to potentially install a 7KW EV Charger at your home in Surrey KT18 – This link here explains more about the EV Car Chargers that we can install.

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Can you install Outdoor Sockets while Rewiring our Property in Surrey KT18

Yes, as we are carrying out the works internally at your property to rewire your home or workplace, we can also add Outdoor Sockets and Outdoor Decorative or Security Lights at the same time as the rewire works are being completed in your home or workplace in Surrey KT18 – This link here explains more about the OutDoor Sockets that we can install at your property.


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