Honeywell Alarm Fault

Honeywell Alarm Fault

Do you have a fault with your Honeywell alarm system, Do you need assistance on how to clear a fault on a Honeywell Alarm, Learn how to clear a fault on a Honeywell alarm?

You have come to the correct place for assistance with your Honeywell Alarm, Alarm Expert Scotland has been installing, repairing and servicing Honeywell Alarm systems for over 30 years.

Honeywell Galaxy Alarm Fault
Honeywell Galaxy Alarm System Control Panel & Keypad

The most popular Honeywell Alarm systems are the Honeywell Accenta Alarm System, Honeywell Optima Alarm System and Honeywell Galaxy Alarm System, these Honeywell Alarm systems do have various model numbers and codes dependant on when they were released as Honeywell updates and modernises these ranges of Alarm Systems every few years with the latest technology.

Alarm Expert Scotland can assist you with your Honeywell Alarm System even if we did not install your system.

Our expert burglar alarm engineers have years of knowledge working on Honeywell alarm systems and we are confident that we can clear any fault you might be experiencing with Honeywell alarm system, We offer 100% Free Estimates and Zero Call Out Charges for one of our local alarm engineers to visit your home or business and advise on what is causing the problem with your Honeywell Alarm System.

how to clear a fault on a honeywell alarm
Typical Honeywell Optima Alarm Panel.
Honeywell Alarm Fault


Common Fault / Issues with Honeywell Galaxy Alarm Systems.

  • Honeywell Galaxy alarm not working / alarm fault: Alert! Enter Code message
  • Honeywell Galaxy alarm battery fault problem: BattFail / +BAT MiS message
  • How to change the battery in Honeywell Galaxy alarm panel
  • Honeywell Galaxy mains power problem: +CU AC message
  • Honeywell Galaxy tamper fault: TampLid fault message
  • Honeywell Galaxy alarm reset problem: Manager reset required message
  • How to arm Honeywell Galaxy  alarm with system fault
  • How to reset Honeywell Galaxy after activation

Often the above faults/issues with your Honeywell Alarm System can be overcome by contacting Alarm Expert Scotland on 07510061122 or via email where one of our friendly, knowledgable alarm expert team will assist you in clearing the fault or by arranging a local alarm engineer to visit your property and fix the issue.


Common Fault / Issues with Honeywell Optima / Accenta Alarm System

Honeywell Accenta Alarm System Fault
Honeywell Accenta Alarm System – Remote Keypad

The Honeywell Optima / Accenta Alarm system, as shown above, and below, doesn’t have a digital display to show faults or error message instead you shall the Tamper Light come on should the system detect a tamper fault through the control panel, intrusion detectors such as the PIRs, Door Contacts, Vibration Sensors etc or external siren tamper. Other fault lights that appear are the Attack light which shows after your Honeywell Alarm system has been activated either by an intruder or by activating your panic alarm function.

The Honeywell Optima / Accenta Alarm System faults/issues can normally be cleared by entering your alarm user code, however if this does not clear the fault which is often the case with tamper alarms contact Alarm Expert Scotland on 07510061122 or via email we shall then arrange for a local alarm engineer to visit your property and review the issue, remembering that we have Zero Call Out Charge & 100% Free Estimate to repair any faults on your Honeywell Alarm System.

The details and list of faults above are just some of the faults that could appear on your Honeywell Alarm system, to prevent your Alarm System from occurring faults we recommend that Alarm System is maintained by annually by an Alarm Expert Scotland engineer, costs start from only £9.99 per month for annual maintenance contracts or £19.99 per month for annual maintenance, breakdown cover, plus parts and labour, to learn more about how Alarm Expert Scotland, can fix your Honeywell Alarm System Fault and offer Alarm Maintenance please contact us today by calling on 07510061122 or via email –

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