Repair or Service Cooper Alarm Panel

One of the most popular Alarm Systems installed is the Cooper Alarm Panel, Alarm Expert Scotland has installed hundreds of these alarm panels over the past 30 years we have been in business.

Over time like any electrical or electronic item faults can occur within the system due to age, Alarm Expert Scotland have an amazing team of highly qualified alarm engineers who can arrange to visit your property and diagnose the fault on your Cooper Alarm Panel, Sometimes it can a simple fix such as replacing a fuse within the control panel however on occasion it can be the whole panel that requires to be replaced.

Alarm Expert Scotland will give you a verbal or written estimate when on site to repair or replace your Cooper Alarm Panel if you choose to go ahead with the works we can often do this on the same day as we normally carry replacement / spare parts in our fleet of vehicles or in certain occasions we might rearrange to come back at a future date that suits the client.

If an Alarm System is over 10 years old, some clients might choose to replace the whole alarm system instead of just the Cooper Alarm Panel, we can again give you cost options to replace with current like for like newer generation models or also give you options such as removing the Cooper Alarm Panel and replacing with a new wireless alarm system where costs start from £375.

Don’t forget you mitigate your risk by taking out an annual service plan for only £9.99 per month or our fully comprehensive Service / Repair and Maintenance plan for £19.99 per month where we will repair or replace any faulty part even if that means replacing the whole alarm system.

Learn more about what Alarm Expert Scotland can today to help you repair or service your Cooper Alarm Panel throughout all of Scotland.

9448-90 Coopers On-Board Control Panel – Repairs & Maintenance

9448-95 Coopers Panel with Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9427 LED Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9651PD-41, 8 Zone Panel c/w 9941 Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9751EN-41, Metal Panel with keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9751EN-43, Metal Panel with Prox Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9853EN-43, 16-40 Zone Panel with Prox Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9941EN, LCD Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9943EN, LCD Prox Remote Keypad – Repairs & Maintenance

9954EN, 8 Zone Hard Wire Expander – Repairs & Maintenance